Getting Things Done with Trello – A Web Based Project Management Application

Hello Busy People Out there,

Have you ever experience a need to have an application for “TO DO” List which is

– Web-Based,

– can be shared with the team,

– can be updated with comments and screenshot for status,

so that you don’t have to juggle through between emails to find the information sent by your team.

I am sure, the answer is YES.

Recently I have started using Trello – A Web Based Project Management Tool, which is Free.

Trello is a perfect tool for implementing philosophy of “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

Once you sign up for Trello, it creates a sample “Welcome Board” for your hand on training on what can be done with Trello.


Trello – Features

1. It allows to create “Boards” i.e.Projects on which you are working.

Create separate Board for each project so that it is easy to share with different team member which are assigned a particular Project.

2. Within Board, you can create “Lists”

Lists can be named like “On Deck”, “In Progress”, “For Review”, “Completed”. This is one of the example on how I use Lists.

3. Within List, you can create “Card”

Cards are a single Task.


Now Most Helpful feature is modifying the Card(Task). There are a number of stuff you can do with it, like:

– Comment on the status of the task or update on the task.

– Attach a relevant file to the card

– Assign Due Date

– Apply Label (color)

– Add Checklist etc


Wiki Article for Trello :

Trello Tour to start using all functions :

Get ideas about implementing Trello from one of the templates at or or

So I hope you start using Trello for you and your team soon and let us know your experience in comments.

Its worthwhile to mention that there are other similar application like Asana which can be implemented in alternative to Trello.

Thanks and Regards,

CA Dhaval Paun





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