Are you making the same mistake for information management in your practice?

Hello Professional Colleagues,

Hope you had a good start to the year 2017 and today is important day for us Chartered Accountant being the Budget Day!

However, today I am going to share with you one important Professional Productivity/Practice Management Tool – Evernote.


Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. But this is just the simple introduction to the app/program, when put to practice with all its advance features, this program can boost your productivity and management of information/tasks.

Before moving to Evernote in depth, Let me ask you this important question:
You must be saving important information in many of the following ways:

* Marking mail as “Starred”,
* Bookmarks in Browser,
* Also mailing “yourself” an email with some important information or files,
* Few must have habit of keeping the information in Excel files, Text files,
* And, Write down information with pen and paper,
* Last, some information are always kept in your mind without being externalized in a system.

Above is not the exhaustive list of habits by Professionals to preserve the information, there might be other forms like creating YouTube Playlist, saving Facebook post in Facebook and many more.

Nevertheless, there is a big drawback in following any or many of the system for keeping your notes. I will tell you why. Have you remember anytime you are looking for all information on any particular project that you have kept in any of the above form and you get it all very easily. I know the answer (it’s NO) already because it used to happen with me in past.

In addition, I would like to add the reason why Big 4 Firms (and many other Top CA Firms) grow exponentially is they use one or other form of Centralized Information Database. In contrast, at medium and small level firms, in lack of such system, many catalyst projects are always on procrastination mode citing reason of lack of time. Actually its lack of Information/knowledge-base System

By now you must have realized, how catastrophic problem I am trying to address with the simple yet free Program Evernote. Moreover, I would like to add that there are many other alternatives available like Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep etc. Having done the comparison of all of them and actually implementing Evernote in practice, I would recommend opting for Evernote.

Before moving to Evernote Features, I would like to introduce Evernote a little bit more in simple words. Evernote can be thought as number of physical notebooks with many notes within each notebook containing important information. The change in Evernote is its soft copy; search-able database of information with keywords or Tags; Synced with all devices like computers and mobile; can be collaborate with team; Reminders can be added and information can be captured many ways.

Capturing Information for Evernote:

* Simple Manual Creating a note with all information.

You can create a simple note just like creating a new office document with whatever is in your mind on any project, which you want to process later. Evernote give you all options like Title, Applying Tags for easy search, formatting texts within note, attaching relevant files with the note and even recording audio note.

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* Capturing information on the screen with screen-capture tool. (Windows + Shift + S)

Evernote allows you to take a screenshot of the part of the screen with its screen-capturing tool, which can be activated with a shortcut “Windows + Shift + S”. Once you take the screenshot (screen clip), it has a cool inbuilt features to annotate the clip with symbols and text to add more meaning to the screenshot for future reference.


* Chrome Extension – Evernote Web Clipper

Once installed in your chrome browser, it allows you to clip the active web page in many forms like as Article, as Simplified Article, as Full page, as Bookmark and as screenshot. Moreover, at the same page you can categorise which notebook it belongs to as well as the relevant tags can be defined for easy search.


* Forwarding/Sending an email directly to your dedicated email id

Evernote creates a unique email id on which you can forward or send any mail with important information. The email will be saved in Evernote with Subject as Title. You can modify the subject to make it relevant Title in Evernote. Moreover, by adding few more words like “@Notebook” and “@Tags” in the subject line, Evernote will categorise the information accordingly.


To give you more perspective on how I use Evernote, I keep on asking myself about incorporating any idea that comes in my thoughts or any piece of information in Evernote and build my digital bank. Once implemented for some period, you will realise that how efficient and time/effort saving it is to retrieve any information you need on daily basis like login credentials, client information, routine task process you need to follow and countless other piece of information you can incorporate in Evernote. I have been using Evernote since more than a year now and I can say that it made me less busy and more productive.

If I have to provide all nitty-gritty of Evernote, it usually takes many hours with practical demonstration to make someone a Super user. To start implementing Evernote, I think above information is sufficient. You will learn more tricks and understand the importance of Evernote once you start implementing Evernote in your daily practice.

Download Evernote at

Thanks and Regards,
CA Dhaval Paun



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