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PDF to Excel – A Quick Free Online Helper for Professionals

Hello Excel enthusiasts, I spoke about the limitations of free online tools for conversion of Portable Document Files in the past, but I recently stumbled across a great free tool for transforming your PDFs back to Excel. For the unacquainted, PDFs are used for sharing documents between different computers/devices, because they can be viewed on […]

How a $5 Formula fix Project – ended up in a $33/hour contract.

Hello Mates, I am demonstrating (in great detail) one of my experiment recently couple of days back (on Friday) with applying few of my golden tricks and techniques shared in the Online courses. First let us walkthrough what all events has gone into achieving above, then we will see what rules (Strategy) one need to […]

Multiple Criterial Lookup

Hello Advance Formula Users, Although its very simple if you know the trick, it can save HOURS of your time if applied regularly in practice. The trick is basically MULTIPLE CRITERIA lookup with the help of two different methods 1. CONCATENATE and VLOOKUP and 2. INDEX and MATCH. View below video for Detail Recording of the […]

All about that 2-letter abbreviation: CA

Chartered Accountant (C.A) is one of the many popular career options for a Commerce subject student. It is a distinguished and an internationally recognized career which involves work in fields of business, finance and management. The CA entrance exam is the one of the most prominent entrance exams in Indiaand here’s all you need to know […]


Build On Your Success At Upwork With Our New *FREE* Online Course

Upwork has already proven to be a rewarding marketplace for freelancers, and you too can start taking advantage of the marketplace and new opportunities with both new clients and ones you’ve worked with before on Elance. We’re committed to making the transition as easy as possible for our Elancers as we wind down the Elance […]


Introducing Upwork – the evolution of Elance and oDesk

Hello Freelancers, I hope you are aware about the new development in two major Freelacing Platform, Elance and odesk. The Elance have merged with odesk and have been launched as a single platform called “Upwork”. Below is the post to read this update from their Blog: Dear Elance Community, I’m thrilled to announce an important […]

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