Excel Automation Challenge #1

Excel Automation Challenge #1 Today I was trying to develop automation for one of my Rental business client from USA. The main crux of the solution was to arrive at the table of dates for each month bifurcated in to Actual Stay Dates and Holidays taken (there is only one incidence of such instance of […]

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PDF to Excel – A Quick Free Online Helper for Professionals

Hello Excel enthusiasts, I spoke about the limitations of free online tools for conversion of Portable Document Files in the past, but I recently stumbled across a great free tool for transforming your PDFs back to Excel. For the unacquainted, PDFs are used for sharing documents between different computers/devices, because they can be viewed on […]

Multiple Criterial Lookup

Hello Advance Formula Users, Although its very simple if you know the trick, it can save HOURS of your time if applied regularly in practice. The trick is basically MULTIPLE CRITERIA lookup with the help of two different methods 1. CONCATENATE and VLOOKUP and 2. INDEX and MATCH. View below video for Detail Recording of the […]

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All About “Developer Tab” in Excel

Hello Excel Developers, To know how to add Developer tab in Excel Ribbon, visit this article. Now let’s go through how to insert and work around basic Form Controls. We will be using “Form Controls” and not “ActiveX Controls” (Under Insert group in Developer Ribbon). The reason being Form Controls are very simple and easy to […]

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How to add Developer tab in Excel Ribbon!!

Hello Excel Developers, I hope you must have activated the Developer tab in your copy of Excel by now. If yes, it will appear like below image.   If not yet, Follow this simple steps to activate “Developer Ribbon” How to add Developer tab into Excel 2007 Ribbon? Click the Office Button; Click the Excel Option […]


Case Study 1 – Multi Choice Question-Answer Model in Excel

NOTE : There are many interlinked articles for separating basic lesson from this main article. View those links if you want to learn Basics. Hello Excel Modelers, Yes you heard it right. I am sure after going through this article thoroughly, you will gain a great insight on implementing various SIMPLE (simple if you know and […]


How to remove protection in workbook/worksheet!

Hello Excelhackers, Many a times you receive a protected file and you desperately want to un-protect it to view the hidden cells and formulas etc. This is very simple with the help of running below macro. password remover macro for EXCEL protected workbook Steps Opening VBA (ALT +F11) Paste the code at above link in Module 1. […]

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